Tomorrow there’s an important presidential election in Brazil and tensions are very high. The country will most likely be all over the news. I’m posting this to help provide information to anyone that’s interested.

-Left wing socialist parties in Brazil are responsible for many successful welfare programs that helped remove many from severe poverty. However, after 24 years in power the country was in the worst recession of its history and the homicide rate was about 60k people a year.

-President Bolsonaro’s popularity can be attributed to increased public safety and economic prosperity. Homicides are significantly down in Brazil and the country has experienced deflation for 3 straight months. GDP is also expected to grow over 2.7% despite U.S. and European economies experiencing recessions. (For stock traders out there look up EWZ)

-The opposition to Bolsonaro’s ticket is comprised of Lula Da Silva. He was president in Brazil from 2002-2010 and is seeking a third term. According to the Brazilian constitution, it’s illegal for people with a criminal record to run for office. Lula spent a year in jail for corruption, however, since his party nominated the majority of Supreme Court justices, they allowed him to run for office.

-Brazilians have a great distrust of the socialist controlled Supreme Court since it has sent out orders to arrest Brazilian journalists, freed drug lords and silenced opposition party members. Most notoriously it prosecuted a famous country singer because he spoke out against them. There are also multiple journalists in exile abroad.

-Elections in Brazil are federalized, meaning that states have practically nothing to do with the regulations. Everything is decided on a Federal level and everyone is obligated to vote.

-Voting in Brazil is done through a machine that was developed in the 90s and the entire country uses the same equipment.

-Many bills have been passed and campaigns have started to stop using outdated federalized voting machines, however, the socialist controlled Supreme Court always blocks congress from passing these laws.

-People are weary of what type of tactics will be used to defeat Bolsonaro’s reelection bid. This is partially due to the fact that a left wing party member stabbed Bolsonaro in the chest during his 2018 campaign. Bolsonaro was in surgery for weeks and nearly died.

-The person who stabbed Bolsonaro was poor, however, he had the assistance from Brazil’s top lawyers and funding for the lawyers has been kept a secret by the socialist controlled Supreme Court. Many believe that if the left wing parties can hire someone to stab Bolsonaro, they will easily cheat an election that they exclusively control.

-To avoid having an obviously biased and unjust Supreme Court cheat, President Bolsonaro has called on the Brazilian Military to supervise the elections to help ensure integrity. This has been misinterpreted as Bolsonaro calling for a coup d’état.

-Would you trust Republicans or Democrats to be honest if they were in control of the entire election process without oversight? I don’t think you would. That’s why the Brazilian military will be present in the elections.

Texto: João Costa – Austin, Texas.

Rally in support of Jair Bolsonaro, Framingham, MA 10/01/2022