Finally Brazil is moving toward to a great future!🇧🇷🇺🇸

1-Water aqueducts bringing water to communities in the Northeaster of Brazil.
2-New railroads
3-New highways
4-New airports and ports
5- 5G in every public school
7- Solar Energy program for all
8- Environment protection
9- GDP is going up!
10- No government corruption reported
11- Government offices fulfilled with professionals and not political indications.
12- Wi-Fi for the indigenous tribes in the Amazon
13- Debureaucratization of government services
14- Moving all government services to digital environment
15- No Visa required to enter Brazil for Americans, Canadians, Australia and Japan
16- Connected the state of Acre by land (with a bridge) to the rest of Brazil.
17- Bringing electricity to the state of Roraima, which depends on Venezuela

Great reception for President Bolsonaro in São Paulo! April, 15 2022!