Check these facts about Covid-19 in Brazil!

1) Covid-19 in Brazil: 04/15/20 The Supreme Court ruled that state governors and mayors are responsible to take actions against the virus. The federal government has limited power, besides to just provide the money to the states.

2) Covid-19 in Brazil: states like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo where the governors are expected to run against Bolsonaro on 2022 presidential elections have the highest numbers of Covid victims.

There are suspicions of false Covid deaths reported by local authorities.

3) Covid-19 in Brazil: the federal government provided more than U$100 billion to combat Covid-19, 65 million people received financial aid, 11,000 hospital ICU beds were created and a fund of U$400 million to produce the Covid vacine were approved.

4) Covid-19 in Brazil: more than 2 million people recovered from Covid-19 but the opposition and the media celebrate the 100,000 deaths, which number could have been inflated by false reports.

The drugs, like Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine were used by some patients to treat the inicial fase of the infection with success, but the opposition were against it. Letting the patients to die without a hope!

5) Covid-19 in Brazil: even knowing about the virus, several states like Rio, São Paulo, Bahia didn’t cancel their carnaval in February of 2020.

6) Covid-19 in Brazil: even with all these facts mentioned above, the opposition keeps with the false narrative, blaming President Bolsonaro for the corona virus in Brazil! Which it’s not true!

Several Covid hospital built in Rio and São Paulo were deactivated for not having patients. Million of dollars were spent to build these hospitals. Some money could’ve have gone straight to the politicians pockets.