The Justice Alexandre de Moraes from the Brazil’s Supreme Court ordered Twitter and Facebook to block the accounts of 16 supporters of the President Jair Bolsonaro.

Brazil is living one of the darkest time of its history, where freedom of speech has been forbidden by the Supreme Court.

In a document signed last Wednesday (22), Moraes asks for the blocking of 16 Twitter accounts and 12 profiles on Facebook, with a fine of R $ 20,000 per day for companies that break the order. All were suspended this Friday, July 24, 2020.

The decision mentions as holders of the accounts to be suspended:

  • Roberto Jefferson, former deputy and national president of PTB
  • Luciano Hang, businessman
  • Edgard Corona, entrepreneur
  • Otávio Fakhoury, businessman
  • Edson Salomão, advisor to the São Paulo state deputy Douglas Garcia
  • Rodrigo Barbosa Ribeiro, advisor to the São Paulo state deputy Douglas Garcia
  • Bernardo Küster, blogger
  • Allan dos Santos, blogger
  • Winston Rodrigues Lima, reserve military
  • Reynaldo Bianchi Júnior, humorist
  • Enzo Leonardo Momenti, youtuber
  • Marcos Dominguez Bellizia, spokesman for the Nas Ruas movement
  • Sara Giromini
  • Eduardo Fabris Portella
  • Marcelo Stachin
  • Rafael Moreno

In May, the group had already been the target of a search and seizure authorized by the minister, as a result of the investigation. At the time, Moraes determined the blocking of accounts on social networks of 16 investigated. The profiles remained active until this week, which led the magistrate to reinforce the determination last Wednesday.

This also could be the last time you read my blogs. You will never know who will be the next target of the Brazil’s Supreme Court!

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