Read this article first! For whom is concerning about the spread of the C-virus in Brazil and why the numbers are so high, specially in Sao Paulo.

The governors of the State of Sao Paulo and State of Rio de Janeiro are planning to run for President in 2022 as the opposition of the actual President Jair Bolsonaro. So, I just don’t believe in all this numbers of victms and deaths. In my opinion this is all about politics and not about health concerns.

For you to have an idea, my state of Minas Gerais has more than 21 million inhabitants and reported 217 deaths from Covid19. Sao Paulo state has 44 million inhabitants and reported more than 5.773 deaths.

The Governor of the State of Sao Paulo, João Dória signed a resolution on March, 3, 2020, where every cadaver should be consider as Covid19 victim (if no proof otherwise). Family members are reporting that vitms of shootings or automobile accidents are being burried as Covid.

See the resolution sign by the State of Sao Paulo in March, 21, 2020:

SSP-26 Resolution, from 20-3-2020It provides guidelines for the management and follow-up of cases of death in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in the State of São Paulo.

Considering that, according to Public Health agencies, during a pandemic situation, any corpse, regardless of the cause of death or confirmation of laboratory tests, should be considered a potential carrier of infection by Covid-19

Considering that international determinations advise against performing necropsy in cases of suspected Covid-19 and that necroscopic examinations have not been carried out in routine cases in the countries most affected by Covid-19, as seen in China, Italy and Spain; solve …

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