By Newton Martins: Hundreds of Brazilians are twitting and asking for the impeachment of Justice Gilmar Mendes, a Brazilian Supreme Court judge.

The two hashtags reached the top trending on twitter: #AmanhaGilmarMendesCai and #GilmarMemdesVaiCair

Tomorrow, November, 11, 2019 millions of Brazilians will be rallying on the streets in support of the impeachment and pushing the congress to pass a bill that rules for prison after the Appeal Court decision.

Last week, Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled against prison of criminals who were sentenced at second level court (Court of Appeals). According to new rules, criminals could wait freely until their case is reviewed by the Supreme Court, which is the last level of appeal.

Half the Supreme Court judges were appointed by Ex-President Lula da Silva and ex-President Dilma Rouseff.

Brazilians think they ruled to benefit Lula, who was sentenced to 12 years in jail, but was freed from federal prison.

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