Before you read the leftist media. This is the truth about the Amazon.

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  1. So you think the Amazon is in danger and that you should pray to save it? A piece of advice: the first thing you should do is stop spreading lies, since lying does not only harm the real efforts to protect our forest, but also compromise your prayers — God does not like liars.

2. Now, If you really care for the Amazon and the environment in general, here are some reassuring words for you. There’s a reason why Brazil has the best environmental credentials and the best preserved forests in the word: we know how to protect and take care of what is ours.

3. Maybe you innocently bought mainstream media’s misinformation, but doesn’t share its irresponsible disregard for basic data and facts regarding the Brazilian Government and its policies on deforestation, the Amazon rainforest itself and environmental issues in general.

4. If that’s the case, here are some straight facts for you: Brazil is the most successful country in the world in preserving the primeval forests within its borders. More than 60% of our continent-sized territory of 8,516,000 km2 is covered by native vegetation.

5. Agricultural activity in Brazil covers only 29% of our territory, a percentage hugely lower than in any other country with relevant agricultural activity (many of which used to have very large forests within their own borders, but unfortunately were not able to preserve them).

6. Our environmental legislation is also one of the most stringent in the world. Among the countries with the largest land masses, Brazil is by far the one with the largest share of its territory (24,2%) placed under environmental protection.

7. And when it comes to the deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest, there is a clear long-term, downward trend. In fact, the anual deforestation rate in the Brazilian Amazon decreased from 27,700 km2 in 2004 to 7500 km2 in 2019, representing a 72% reduction.

8. In line with that trend, the Government of President Bolsonaro has made it clear both through public announcements and its policy guidelines that it is committed to fighting illegal deforestation and to further advance concrete environment protection actions.

9. Also, as any informed person knows, emissions of greenhouse gases as a result of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest are peanuts compared to the level of emissions in other countries. Brazil is barely responsible for over 2% of global emissions.

10. As a matter of diplomatic courtesy, I will refrain from naming other countries, but publicly available data will easily guide you into the wonderful discovery that Brazil is far from being one of the main culprits for any kind of environmental problem.

11. So, if you are wondering who is going to save the Amazon, here’s a very straightforward answer for you: it’s not the empty, hysterical and misleading rhetoric of the mainstream media, transnational bureaucrats and NGO’s, but the sovereign action of Brazil.